I'm a photographer + restless soul, happiest on the road, spending my time documenting my life, in addition to the lives of those around me. I take photos, explore abandoned buildings, move frequently, and, on occasion, write a little. 

After 21 years of living in various cities in Massachusetts and a five month stint in Mannheim, Germany, I moved cross-country to Laramie, Wyoming three weeks after graduating college to pursue my dreams of becoming a photojournalist. 

The blog was started in 2013 under the name “Little Blue Backpack” and was changed to “Roots + Roads” in the fall of 2016 to represent the roots of home and the roads that take us away from them. In addition to being a travel blog, Roots + Roads is a visual diary-- a place for me to share my travels + share my crazy, beautiful life. Thanks for reading. 

"live, travel, bless, and don't be sorry." --jack kerouac

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