If there's a hidden gem in Wyoming, and if that hidden gem isn't Laramie--well, it's Lander.

Surrounded by green fields and ranches, right after a tiny little town called Hudson, it's an old fashioned sort of place. The downtown is one long main street, old facades painted in different colors, with trims and tidings of salmons and yellows and bright blues. It has outdoor equipment stores, restaurants, and even a little movie theater. 

We started off our day by driving to Sinks Canyon State Park, where we hiked up to the falls. It's a 1.5 mile hike, which was perfect for my family and I--especially since they were still acclimating to the mile high altitude. The path wasn't very steep, and was dotted with wildflowers + small rocks. At the top, across a small chasm, a waterfall crashed, angry and fierce, down the rocks--since it was June, the river was at its highest point of the year. 

After our hike, we headed to the Gannett Grill, where we ate burgers + drank beer and sat in the shade--sunburned, tired, hungry, but happy. 

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