life in laramie v.

iphone photos because sometimes, DLSR's are too heavy for ~activities~ 

Being a ~young professional~ in a college town has its peaks and valleys. I love being surrounded by people my own age--literally, thousands of them--but here's the thing: I'm not in college. I don't take classes here, I don't know what to say when people complain about deadlines and essays and thesis(es), because that's not my life, anymore, anyways. My friends have lived in this town off and on for years, so when they know everyone, I stand behind, nod and smile, but I Am Not From Wyoming.

Rolling around the back of a jeep, bowling with the big balls. Live music + trivia, the Calipari documentary showing scenes of UMass in the background, tugging at my heartstrings. I didn't have my camera, but I wish I did, then.

I turn 23, get a bad haircut, put my bed back by the window. Spring is a season of change, after all.

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