cross country road trip: part three

We pull into the park at the top of the park. At first, it's all grass--but then it gives way to rocky landscapes, Mars-like ridges, like nothing I've ever seen. 

Ma doesn't like driving here, and we hug the double yellow line, her knuckles white on the steering wheel, staring resolutely at the road. We do pull over, though, for big horn sheep prancing around on the rocks, along with several other tourists. 

My favorite part of the trip is sunset, when the sky gets to be all rosy pinks and lush blues, fading into nothingness. The rocks takes on a dusty hue, and I climb up on the rocks [in my birkenstocks, no less], scampering as high up as I can, photographing strangers and the sunset simultaneously. Catching the sunset, though, means missing dinner; we eat instant noodles in our hotel beds instead. 

We're back on the road, again, the next day, and then we're in Laramie, and the adventure begins. 

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