2016 | ch- ch- ch- changes

favorite photos from 2016 // canon 5d + 6d 

On paper, 2016 was a perfect year.

I started the year with no idea what I wanted to do with my life--figured out I wanted to be a photojournalist in March, graduated in May, and started my first job as a newspaper photographer in June. I moved to Wyoming--WYOMING, guys. I flew to Atlanta and Phoenix, swung by New York City twice, and road tripped cross-country. And, in my professional life, things were just as good, because I had opportunity after opportunity presented to me--opportunities I probably didn't deserve. I covered two presidential candidates, two division i playoffs, two rodeos, and a ground-breaking protest.

In reality though, 2016 was a little bit of a mess. Things fell apart. I graduated college, and left everyone. I moved to Wyoming and got a job and became an adult and spent a lot of time trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Donald Trump got elected. I cried a lot.

It was a good year, (a really long year), overall, but it was one of constant change, constant new-ness. 2016 felt, for the most part, like navigating a small ship in stormy seas--but now, here I am, on the edge of the storm, and the skies are clearing, and I've got a warm feeling about 2017. Thanks for reading, friends. See you in the new year.

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