Colorado | A Day in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, oh Fort Collins, you sweet, beautiful metropolis of things. I love you so dearly. 

Moving to Wyoming after a lifetime in the suburban sprawl was a wake-up call for a million different reason that I'm not going to get into here--but I will say that one of the hardest things was the lack of, well, conveniences. 

There is no Target in Laramie. No Dunkin' Donuts, either--and only one clothing store. Which doesn't sound too bad, until you realize that the closest mall is a 45 minute drive (and it's not even a very big mall, either). And, sure, I do fine without them, but it also means I get really excited when I do see them. 

Fort Collins, which is an hour away, has a Target, and an Old Navy, and an H and M, and a Dunkin' Donuts, AND a Trader Joe's. It's spectacular. I may or may not have cried when I first visited this summer. 

The past two times I've visited, I came solely to shop, tight on time--but when my dad came, we took our time to explore the downtown, which is downright adorable. Since Fort Collins is home to Colorado State, there's plenty of good places to eat and shop--we went to Austin's and had some bomb sandwiches, and looked for souvenirs for my mom and sister. Hopefully, I'll be back once more before the snow closes the roads out of town to do some more exploring....(and Target // Trader Joe's shopping too, of course). 

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