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As you might have noticed, over the course of the year, this space has become quieter and quieter.  One of the reasons is that I’ve been struggling to define the balance between my personal + professional voice. Senior year, I stumbled into newspaper journalism + photojournalism, and my priorities changed. Before, I would have worked literally any job if it had allowed me to travel constantly—now, I want a legitimate established career as a professional photographer (which will eventually allow me to travel the world). Stories became more important to me than unfamiliar streets. The city girl moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere to pursue photojournalism. Isn’t it funny how things work out? 

But through all that, with all of those changes, LBB didn’t quite fit right. I moved from Wordpress to Blogger, thinking that was it (it wasn’t.) I got a new theme—still not perfect. But the name—the name. 

To be frankly honest, Little Blue Backpack hasn’t been a name I’ve liked in a very long time, mainly because of the “little.” And I know it sounds crazy, trust me—but I’ve never liked it. To me, it sounds a little twee, and I hate twee things (and cute, and quirky—okay, I’ll stop now). It worked when I was 19, and dreaming of a nomadic lifestyle—it worked when I was 21 and actually living that dream. But I’m 22, and trying to navigate a post-college world. I live 1900 miles away from home. While I still love exploring, and I’m happiest on the road, I have a job—a job that does not have a lot of vacation time, meaning that travel posts are few and far between. 

I’ll still be posting a lot about travel, but I want to include more things—practical information about photography + cool artists, personal thoughts, and also things I wish someone had told me about being 22. Because 21, 22, 23, is a weird time—some people are still in school, but some have jobs and some have (oh my GOD) kids. It’s one of the first times that everyone is on different pages, and, I don’t know, maybe my shouting into the void will help someone. 

The new name comes from lyrics from The Head and the Heart, who have been a big part in my life since I saw them live (right before I moved to Germany.) Their first album deals with moving away from home, being far from family + friends, and slowly making your way back—sound familiar? Even the band’s name stands for something—when I first graduated, I had the option to take a “safer” job in Maine (the logical thing to do), but I followed my heart and landed in Wyoming. 

“Roots + Roads” is a combination of two songs from that first album. In Cats and Dogs, they sing my roots have grown, but I don’t know where they are—in “Rivers + Roads,” (my favorite song) they sing rivers + roads, rivers ’til I reach you.We set up roots in each new place, and roads take us away, from people we love but also to new + exciting adventures—so for a blog that covers travel, frequent moves and growing up, this sounded perfect.

(over the course of the next week, I'm going to be working out domains + bloglovin + categories, etc. so please be patient w/me okay thanks) 

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