Wyoming | Snowy Range

august 7 // medicine bow // canon 6d 

Laramie is surrounded by Medicine Bow National Forest on either side, with Vedauwoo a half hour east and the Snowy Range an hour west. While Vedauwoo, with its crazy rock formations, is cool, it's nothing compared to the snowies. 

There's a highway (230) that snakes through the range, up and down, with hairpin turns and incredible views. For the most part, my friend Claire and I just stayed on the road, driving around in search of good light and wildflowers, of which we found both. At one point, we did hop off for a quick mile hike to a miner's cabin, and I stood inside of the falling-down ruin, thinking about what it must have been like to live in a little valley in the most beautiful place in the world, almost completely alone. We spent some time at Lake Louise, gazing at the crystal clear waters, before heading back--but as we drove up over the mountains, we couldn't help but stop at an observation point, to gaze out at the sunset and the blue mountains. 

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