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"Souvenirs, momentos and photographs are physical memories to trips gone by. With limited space in our suitcases, choosing what to bring home and for who is much more an object—it’s a conscious choice, an object in which our memories live on. A vintage pin or a chipped dish, a handmade backpack or a poster—an otherwise commonplace momento means the world to a specific traveler. 

In Atlas Addict Quarterly’s first issue, we examine the ways + means of the things we carry—where, what and why we buy the things we do, the importance of travel journals + photographs, and the heaviness + lightness of memories—through beautiful images and honest words. We’d love it if you joined us. "

As some of you may or may not know, i'm the managing editor of a site called Atlas Addict, which is all about looking at travel through beautiful images and honest words. For the last couple of months, my friends Alysha, Kate and I have been working to expand the site and start putting out a quarterly publication--first online, and hopefully, later in print. It's a lot of slow, hard work (further complicated by the fact that Alysha and I have both moved cross-country and started new jobs this summer), but I'm excited to say we're now looking for submissions + collaborators! 

We are looking for beautiful photography, travel guides, essays, travel journals (if you keep a sketchbook or diary while traveling, please hit me up ASAP), as well as people who'd be interested in writing a short piece or two for our "snapshots" section. 

We are also always looking for either guest or regular contributors for our website + team members--if you love travel, this is the place for you. email me, or find us on twitter @atlas_addict 

(thanks for reading, friends! hope to hear from some of you!)

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