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june 2 // canon 6d // beacon hill, boston ma 

Beacon Hill is kind of a funny to me. When anyone outside of the city thinks of Boston, it's exactly what they picture--charming brownstones, brightly colored doors, everything just so--history and tradition and ivy climbing up the walls. And it's all that, and more. Beacon Hill is beautiful, charming, and quaint. I love to walk around and photograph it, see the little doors and side gardens and marvel at it all. 

But it's not what I think of when I think of Boston--I think of the crooked homes on Mission Hill, parties in Allston and pizza in the North End. I think of my father's childhood in West Roxbury and my grandmother's in a triple-decker in Dorchester. The esplanade. The Public Library. Fenway, and the beautiful, amazing, wonderful Red Sox. These are all things I think about when I think about home--and to be frankly honest, Beacon Hill almost never comes up on the list. My Boston doesn't look like that. 

(although, who knows--maybe it will someday. We'll see.) 

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