New York City in April

April 7 // Manhattan, New York City // Canon 5D

Now that what may have been the craziest semester of my life (I know I said that every semester, but spring 2016 was the last and therefore takes the cake) is over, and I have a second or two to reflect on the madness--wow. I did a lot of things, and I met a lot of people, and I traveled a lot of places.... including going  to New York City twice in one month! (?!?) 

Both trips had one thing in common--journalism--but other than that, they were very different. The first time I was sitting on the sidelines, photographing the basketball team for the school newspaper & exploring Brooklyn; this time, I was on an 'academic' sort of field trip with the journalism department's magazine, which had us visiting the New York Times (THE HOLY LAND) and the Met. It was a super inspiring day, and I learned a lot about online media and how times are a changin' in the world of journalism--picked up a few tips, had a nice walk through Central Park and a sandwich that may have changed my life. All in all, a solid day. 

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