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I think I just might be the first blogger in the world to switch from wordpress to blogger, guys.

There were a few reasons--the first that blogger is free, and WP is expensive-- but more importantly, that I felt like I had lost some part of me in switching. and I know, I sound so dramatic, but hear me out, okay?

Somewhere along the road, LBB (the wordpress LBB) became a professional-looking, not-very-Shannon-y place. The writing was mine, the photos were mine, but it was sporadically updated place that came with a lot of pressure. Everything had to be written well, I put together guides, and there was SEO, and plug-ins, and so many things. The theme led itself to longer posts and felt clunky, sometimes. There was no place, it felt, for a post with two pictures and one sentence.

And I realized recently that, at some point, blogging had become less about life--and more about other people, publicity, numbers. And honestly? It felt wrong, foreign, not-like-myself. I've been blogging for years. I have always kept a blog because it is my little online diary, a place to share my stories, photos, and experiences, something clean and discreet but also intensely personal.

At the ripe old age of 21, I'm starting to slowly, in the dark, find my way. I'm trying to figure out who I am, what I want to do, how I want to be seen. I'm inching towards a career in journalism, of the possibility of being published in places, external sites. I'll have a portfolio site, soon. And everywhere else in my life has to be professional, and polished--I want a spot that is easy to update, somewhere that doesn't have the same amount of pressure.

With Blogger, I've always loved the fact that I can easily personalize my little space. I save a boatload (ohmygod, a huge boatload) of money without hosting fees//don't have to buy templates. keeping things minimalist and clean and distraction-free is easy. And to be clear--I'm not bashing those who use wordpress or write in a more professional manner. (I made that bold because I want that to be crystal clear). It's just not right, here, for me, right now.

Thanks for understanding, for reading, for listening. here's to a new era for LBB.

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