yearly goals | 2016

I like lists, and I like goals. Love, actually. And while I religiously make a mini list of goals to tick off at the beginning of each month, I also like to make a list of yearly goals--because let's face it, there's something nice about starting fresh on the first day of the year, isn't there?

I have three goals for the year that are of the utmost importance, and, unfortunately, they aren't very creative or exciting. I want to graduate, I want to find a  job, and I want to live in an apartment in a city. Boring, huh? But the idea of being a "grown-up" is a little exciting to me, I won't lie. My university career has seemingly dragged on, and I've been waiting to start being an adult since sophomore year.

Here are some other goals of mine--

  1. Run a 5k never completed this one in 2015, the time is now 

  2. Go to Canada neighbor to the north 

  3. Take four paying photography jobs do what I love for $$$

  4. Think positive + be a good human being self-explanatory 

  5. Pay off some of my student loans who wants a dark cloud of debt looming over their heads? (not me)

  6. Have my photos shown in a gallery like, you know, a coffee shop or something 

  7. Get published in a big-name publication//website doing that journalism thing 

and, lastly,



what are your plans for 2016?

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