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(Almost) a year ago, I packed up and moved away to the land of Bratwurst and Bayern. I spent five months criss-crossing the continent, documenting my adventures with my camera + hastily scribbled words-and for the most part, it's all here on the blog. Emphasis on "most."

Last April, I lost three months of blog posts after a weird wordpress issue resulted in temporarily deleting my site. At the time, I was upset-my carefully crafted tales of Heidelberg, Prague, and Luxembourg, among others, were gone. I plowed on anyways, eager to write about the adventures I was currently embarking on, and those adventures fell to the wayside.

I'm getting restless again, though. I've been going through images, pulling out ones I felt were unimportant then but mean the world now-missing it everyday. My writing has improved in leaps in bounds this semester, thanks to journalism classes and editing the travel section of our school's magazine. And so, I think it might be time to revisit those travels.

Over the course of the next month or so, I'm going to be posting stories and photos from my travels during those lost few months-Heidelberg, Cologne, Rothenburg, Luxembourg, Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava. They'll be posted out of order, long and short stories, snippets and memories. They're being dragged out of the archives of my brains-hence the name.

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