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October//Amherst, MA//Canon 5D

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Western Massachusetts. It's rural, dull, and always smells like cows; but it's also charming, beautiful and serene. And while the winters suck, the Autumns? There is nowhere on Earth better to spend an October than the Pioneer Valley. The skies are blue, the weather is perfect, and everything is awash in color.

These photos are from last Saturday, which was full of fall-ish activities; hanging out downtown, driving around in search of a nonexistent ice cream place, and skipping between backyards. Too often I feel like I'm losing track of the changing season, caught in the shuffle between getting on the bus and back off again, work and class and activities and homework-it was nice to stop, and to enjoy, and to savor.

Apologies for the silence on my part, but I'll be back soon. Life is crazy and I'm still trying to sort out a schedule that works for me-but I've got some posts in the works + some photos to share.

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