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O.K, so I know that Neuschwanstein is amazing + awesome + everything, but can we talk about Schwangau for a second? Because oh my God, this tiny little town-famous for the aforementioned castle, which perches high up on a hill-has some of the most amazing scenery I've seen.The A-Frame houses, the farms-and the Alps, the Alps! I'm an east coast girl raised close to the ocean-mountains never fail to knock me back on my heels, and the Alps may be the tallest mountains I've ever seen. They seemed to loom over the miniscule little homes, making even the castle look small.

On our last night, we went for a post-dinner walk to digest the spatzle + schnitzel. On the way back to our hostel, we meandered around this huge lake {above}, which was empty and dry- it fills up in the summer when the ice melts from the top of the mountains. It was eery and strange, the clouds floating amongst the peaks-unreal. it still doesn't seem real, even 3 odd months later, one of those things that I look back in awe now later, you know? I went there, and I saw that. I stood in a field in the middle of Bavaria and craned my head to look at the Alps, I toured the (arguably) most famous castle in the world, I visited this tiny town that puts on a passion play every 10 years, which I had learned about in some religion class years ago-I was there. I lived and breathed and experienced the most amazing things that I never, in a million years thought I would do.

travel is weird, guys.

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