Bavaria | Wieskirche

We've made it into May's travels, guys! Small victories.

One weekend in May, Kay, her mother and I took a quick weekend trip to Bavaria, to see Neuschwanstein {post coming soon} On our way to the hotel, she pulled up at a large, unassuming looking church, with tourbuses crowding the parking lot.

Wieskirche looks fairly simple on the exterior, but the interior is anything but. Every surface is painted, gilded, a wedding cake. Some might say that it's too much, too overstimulating, but I was enthralled, with the colors and the murals, the various shades of marble and white statues. All of this, and for a church-a well-known church, yes, but not one in a city, or by a castle-just a church amongst cow fields and next to a winding road! Crazy.

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