Bavaria | Neuschwanstein Castle

May 5//Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany//Canon 5d 

Well, if you study//live abroad//even travel to Germany, then it's inevitable that, eventually, you will make it to Neuschwanstein-a.k.a the Cinderella castle. {chiddy chiddy bang bang was also filmed here, but i seem to be the only one more excited about that}. It's iconic, and a really big deal for anyone who's not from Europe. One by one, I watched most of my friends make the trek out to Bavaria for beer steins and the breathtaking views, and so, one weekend, I decided to see what all of the fuss was about.

Kay's mom woke us up at the crack of dawn, which was a good thing-even though the ticket offices at eight, there was a line outside at seven, and when we descended later at noon, the lines wound all the way down the hill. We trekked up the hill, up around the corner-and there it was, looming up above us.

Neuschwanstein is smaller than you'd expect-maybe that's just an American assumption of mine, that castles should be huge. But it's gorgeous. The castle is gorgeous, the views of the countryside are gorgeous and the interiors are gorgeous as well {can't take pictures though}.

The weather, in some respects, was not ideal. It was chilly, rainy, cloudy-enough that some of the tourists chose to take pictures in front of the promotional photos of the castle instead of the actual one {best part of the trip}. But even though I was cold + damp, it was so worth it, because it lent itself to some the most dramatic views, with fog shrouding the mountains and floating over the countryside. We headed over to the bridge, which is suspended over a gorge with a dizzying view; from there we could see the castle in all its glory, that iconic "Germany" picture that pops up on my pinterest + facebook feed all the time-and now I had seen it, experienced it, checked it off the list.

{I understand the fuss now}

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