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june 26//wellfleet, ma//canon 5d

Europe is great, Europe is amazing, but New England? there's no place like New England. I'm biased, I know that-it's home though. There's something so comforting about salt air and weather-beaten shingles, ramshackle homes and quiet beaches.

I was only home for ten days after I came home, before I moved back to school to work-and our exchange student Emma would be leaving soon, so we headed down the Cape to enjoy one last day as a family.

Wellfleet isn't as polished + poised as its neighbors {hey Chatham}, which I prefer. It's still got that quaint, small-town, slightly tumbling down sort of feel-white clapboard houses with shutters, lots of greenery, little stores crowded together-that is just quintessently New England. We wandered all around, stopping for some Emack and Bolios ice cream and thrift store shopping. Then we headed off to a beach, just as the sun came out. Wellfleet is famous for its oysters, and the beach is littered with the most exquisite shells I've ever seen, beautiful, celestial golds and purples, strange amagalations of rocks and mussels stuck together. Some sit on my window-sill now, a piece of the ocean.

Our day ended with what all Cape days should end with-greasy fried seafood, clam strips and calamari and fish + chips, all shared at a picnic table in the sun. No better way to spend my last day at home for a while, am i right?

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