New York City in July

july 23//manhattan, nyc//canon 5d

I live, compared to most, fairly close to new york city-five hours driving from home, three from school. Yet despite this, I've only visited the city
twice three times-partially because my allegiance is to Boston, but also because, logistically, it's a little tricky. It's just far enough that a day trip is exhausting, but finding somewhere to stay as a broke college student is also difficult. Now, though, with the age of airbnbs upon us and megabus tickets for one dollar, it's become a lot more manageable.

I just finished working for an international summer school up in Amherst-an exhausting but wonderful experience-and one of the trips they embarked on was a trip to NYC. So, I found myself on a bus at the crack of dawn last Thursday. After we had picked up and distributed 78 chipotle burritos, one of my co-workers and I had a couple of free hours, so we set off to explore the city.

Unofficially, we were headed to the Met-but the weather was so nice, and our feet so tired, that we ended up laying in the shade at Central Park, munching on burritos and flipping through giant art magazines (magnum x vice) that we had gotten for free at American Apparel. The rest of our time was simply spent walking-trying to find various metro stations, exploring neighborhoods and looking for the rest of the group. Nothing too exciting-but, I mean, New York. That made it exciting enough

{still not as good as boston, though}

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