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Zurich was beautiful, Zurich was rainy, Zurich was expensive. 

We arrived in the city around 10 am, dismayed by the weather; it was freezing cold (for April, anyways), windy, and pouring, something that would be a recurring theme throughout the day. We started off strong, trying to stay upbeat and seeing as much of the city as possible; however, 40 minutes later, we were huddled over 5 euro pieces of cake, trying to figure out what to do with our day.

We ended up at the Kunsthaus, which was rumored to be one of the best art museums in Europe-and luckily enough, it did not disappoint. It had a great mixture of both old and contemporary works, with a particularly large collection of Ferdinand Hodler's work; I had never heard of him, but I was enthralled by his versatility and broad themes, a mixture of landscapes, portraits, and other more fantastical works. After a few hours of wandering through the museum's white galleries, we hunkered down in a cafe by the University, where we ate sandwiches and used the wifi, trying to find any reason not to go back outside. After a while, we started the trek back to the bus station; slowly but surely, holding fast onto our umbrellas, we crossed back streets and alleys, cobblestones gleaming.

The entire trip, my camera sat tucked away in my backpack, protected from the terrible weather, so I only took photos with my phone-it was strange, and a little bit of a challenge, to be honest. However, I was fairly happy with the results-the quality was all right, the photos were clear and the shots still accurately portrayed how it was, wandering through Zurich. I won't be doing it again anytime soon though-I love my canon 5d too much.

While the trip wasn't ideal, my mother summed it up perfectly-the terrible weather made it memorable. Even though we were miserable most of the time, we will always remember Zurich because of it.


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