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april 1//canon 5d//konstanz, germany 

I'm not the only one in my family with bad luck; hence, the term #badluckbroderick. So should it have been a surprise when my mom came to visit and brought seven days of bad weather with her? After all, I had spent the last two weeks bragging about the sunny, 60/70 degree (F) days that we'd been having in Germany-how I hadn't worn a coat since the beginning of March, how beautiful it was, etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, when she arrived to rain, hail, and freezing wind, she was a little skeptical.

Regardless, after a few days with Kay's family, we (mom, Kay and I) packed up and drove to the south of Germany, to Konstanz; it's a small city on a large lake {the Bodensee}. Right after we dropped of our luggage at our hotel, we headed out to explore the old town-and promptly got caught in a hailstorm. We ducked into a coffee shop to wait it out; once it was over, we were greeted with sunny skies, and spent the rest of the day walking around the town center. Konstanz is beautiful-winding streets and decorative buildings, all leading down to a crystal clear lake-so while we didn't "do" much, wandering was just fine. We finished the day off with pizza (as in, a pizza each-God I love Europe), and the Grand Budapest Hotel-despite everything, it had been a very good day.


stay//Hotel Constantia

eat//pizza at La Paesana Trattoria

visit//Heimzucht Berlin, town center, Bodensee

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