may  //luisenpark, mannheim//canon 5d

I've never paid for a park before I've come to Germany-I don't think that we even have any parks you have to pay for in the States {don't quote me on that, though}. Here in Mannheim, we have two-Herzogenreid Park, which is two euros and essentially a public pool {with a slide and diving boards, so it's totally worth it}, and Luisenpark, which is a whopping four euros.

I had been curious about Luisenpark for a while, so one Sunday, Kate {check out her blog!} and I made the trek over to check out what exactly you get when you pay for a park. We paid the entrance fee, and found ourself in this just...absolutely massive park full of various odd-but-beautiful things; playgrounds, wooden drawbridges, a tall tower, a little pond, even a Chinese tea garden! We were stunned, at how much was hidden behind the entrance kiosk, and vowed to go back again for the day {perhaps with some beers and sandwiches...}

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