day trip | Meersburg am Bodensee

Meersburg am Bodensee//April 3//Canon 5d

If there's anything I'm learning about traveling, it's that I don't really enjoy day trips that much (and I find them equally difficult to write about). A day trip, while extremely cost efficent, does not give you near enough time to see the city or country-I mean, a weekend or even a semester sometimes isn't even enough sometimes, but at least you can get a taste. A day trip is cruel; it's like waving a city in front of your face, a taunt, a tease, at what could be.

Writing about the first half of my spring break has been difficult because of just that. Three days, three cities-you only have enough time to see the same things-the "equation," which consists of the town square, the church, the view, and the castle (if there is one). It's the same as every small town in Europe. And while they're all equally beautiful, it becomes hard to write about-I'd much rather the pictures speak for themselves.

Which is exactly what I'll let Meerburg am Bodensee do- speak for itself. it was a quaint, beautiful old town shadowed by a castle on a hill. The giant lake {Bodensee} lapped on its shores; it was good weather, finally, and we ate schnitzel and spatzle in the sun. It was the last trip that I would be taking with my mother, which was bittersweet-soon she would be on a plane, headed back for home, and it was my job to save these little moments.

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