Barcelona pt. 2 | Gaudi + La Boqueria

We woke up on our first full day of Barcelona in our windowless hostel room-over a cup of coffee, Katinka and I decided that there were two things we wanted to see; la Sagrada Familia and La Boqueria. Both are staples of the Barcelona "tourist" scene, things that were recommended to us-plus it helped that Kay had visited Barcelona before and knew that they had lived up to their reputation.
That being said, we headed out in search of Sagrada Familia, which is located close to the hostel we stayed at, in a quieter residential area. For a while, I was unsure of whether we were going in the right way; then we turned a corner and, suddenly we were there, standing in front of this majestic and gigantic beauty whose spires soared high in the air.  Scaffolding and cranes obscured much of the church, as it is still under construction-and will be until around 2030. It's incredibly intricate-possibly one of the most decorated church facades i've seen, statues and stones literally dripping off the front. It reminds me of a cave of some sort, or maybe a grotto, with it's rough surfaces-it's incredible.

While traveling, I've visited countless churches-and each time I step into one, it hits me that countless spent their entire lives specializing in one specific aspect of the construction of it. More often than not, they never even saw the fruits of their labor. It's such a strange + amazing concept, to think about-yet Sagrada Familia is just that. When I posted an instagram of it, people commented that it looked completely different just a few years ago-and it's hard to wrap around my brain around the fact that some day I could take my children to see the completed cathedral and tell them that I watched it being built.

With only a short time in Barcelona, we opted out of waiting in the lines that looped several times around the cathedral, heading instead to the main shopping avenue, where two of Gaudi's other works were located-Casa Milo and Cas Batilo. Both were beautiful, although I was partial to the beautiful mosaic//facade of Casa Batilo.

 We checked out the Barri Gotic neighborhood (sketchy alleys + drying laundry-my favorites!) before arriving at La Boqueria, Barcelona's famed food market. And let me just say, this place did not disappoint. The entire market buzzed with activity, as locals + tourists mingled, buying fresh-squeezed fruit juice and odd pieces of meat (cow's tongue, for example). Each new stall contained something new, colorful, and fragrant-and it was all so cheap. I got strawberry juice and a pastry of sorts with meat in it-we came back the next day for calamari, fruit, and more fresh juice.

Overall, these probably two of my favorite "touristy" things that we did-and I'd go back to both in a heartbeat. {and i'm dreaming of a fresh-squeezed raspberry juice right now...}

{end of part two}

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