march 26//freiburg, germany//canon 5d

Erin and I found ourself in Freiburg the first friday of spring break-we were off to spend the weekend in the Black Forest with other students from our university, but we had a few hours to kill while waiting for the rest to show up. When we left the train station, we turned right instead of left-meaning that we missed seeing the old town and cathedral. However,we did get to see a giant hose sculpture, which was exciting enough-besides, sometimes it's nice to just wander around other people's neighborhoods and see how they live. It was sunny and warm that day, and looking back, truly the first day of spring. Freiburg felt colorful and vibrant, a quaint little city that had just enough going on, humming peacefully. We only had two hours-definitely not enough-and I'd love to visit again someday, check out the old town and follow the little streams running parallel to the street, see where it leads.

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