10 goals for 2015

2015 is going to be my year-i can feel it resounding in my bones. and as an avid list maker, i've been drawing and drafting out a list of yearly goals, to go along with my smaller, monthly ones. I prefer goals instead of resolutions- simply because i think resolutions are harder to keep. in making resolutions, i feel like it's all about trying to fix + change something- making goals, however, allude to working towards bigger + better things. so, here goes-10 goals for the new year!

1. run a 5k if mom can do it, why can't i?
2. make positive thinking + meditation a habit to ensure mental sanity 
3. visit 5 countries on exchange this is my chance to embrace globe-trotting as a lifestyle 
4. become conversational in German sprechen Sie Deutsche? 
5. say goodbye to working food service no more pimples + polyester shirts 
6. get a kick-ass internship  big girl things
7. take on three paying photography jobs time to get over fear + inferiority complexes  
8. photograph + style three editorial, fashion-y shoots finally
9. pass the 100 guide mark for atlas addict double the guides, double the fun
10. become more comfortable in front of the camera a narcissistic sounding one with genuine intentions. 

what are your goals for 2015?


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