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I was lucky enough that my crazy talented friend Liz allowed me to photograph her in the fashion studio + interview her about about her experiences as a fashion student for my photojournalism final.

This is kind of the "sum of all parts"-I had to pass in different sets of photos (100 + 10 best, as well as some captions), and a little article, which I'm posting below. I worked really, really hard on this project, and, to be completely honest, I'm pretty flipping proud of was my first time editing audio and one of my first times seriously working with a video platform. so take a peek!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Nine floors above bustling Huntington Ave., the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s fashion department is empty-well, almost. Hunched over a sewing machine in one of the studios, Liz St. Germain is hard at work. Her fingers deftly feed cloth through the sewing machine, moving it back and forth as the needle punches through spandex; it leaves a neat line of stitches in its wake.
“The most frustrating thing is trying to draft something before I make it,” she says. “Little things can go wrong, and when it’s late, and you’ve been here for 24 just want to go home, and get something to eat, but you have to focus and get things done.”   
For St. Germain, a junior at Massart and a fashion/SIM double major, however, those long hours have paid off; one of her designs was recently displayed at Copley Place during Boston Fashion Week.
The featured design was the result of an infamous sophomore project that has only one requirement; create a dress that is made entirely out of a non-textile. No cloth, no thread; nothing that, in any way, resembles something that you’d find on or woven into a normal piece of clothing. St. Germain decided to make her dress out of empty Capri Sun packets, held together with velcro and double-sided tape; her design, choice of medium, and execution garnered her recognition from several Boston-area newspapers, as well as from Capri Sun, who shared her dress on Facebook last May.
St. Germain’s current works in progress are just as unorthodox; one of her designs, a short dress paired with a bodysuit, has tendrils of L.E.D light that snake through the bodice and flare out towards the bottom. When illuminated, the lights fade in and out of a spectrum of reds, blues, and yellow.
St. Germain states an interest in costuming that influenced her to dual major in both fashion and SIM, or the Studio for Interrelated Media. While fashion studios give her the technical skills to produce work, SIM allows her to collaborate with other artists who work in a wide variety of mediums, answering requests for an even wider variety of pieces that range from masks to a “giant green worm costume.”  
Double majoring is not easy. It required St. Germain  to take seven classes this semester; it’s the reason that has her hiding from the school’s security guards at one in the morning, working after the studios have closed for the night.  
“[it] leaves me no time for sleep,” she laughs. “i am stressed.”
When asked about her future plans, St. Germain cites an internship, grad school at NYU and a move to California as possibilities. But at the end of the day, she is as practical as she is hard-working.

“I’ll move where the work moves,” she says.

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