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things have been strange recently, because i am slowly coming to a realization that it is over soon, that in less than a month i will be very far away. and almost all of me is so excited, but there is a little bit, way in the back, that is sad. i am leaving a life that, for the first time since high school, is stable and a little predictable-in the absolute best way possible. i am leaving the corner i have carved out for myself, and even though i'll be back in nine months-well, that seems like a while right now. 

i'm back to working one job now, and i'm overcompensating for all the afternoons i spent shuffling from bus to work and back again, enjoying all of my favorite places off campus, ignoring the impending finals week (pt.2) that are knocking at my door. i went to northampton with my friend claire tonight to see the head and the heart and phox-they took away my camera upon entering, and i spent the whole time feeling off-balance, itching to capture the shifting colors and incredible expressions on their faces, unsure of what to do with my hands exactly. after the concert, we ran to the bus, music in our heads-we snuck a beer in the back, a couple sips each, exhilarated with everything. we pretended that our tests tomorrow weren't going to happen, that essays didn't exist, that our textbooks had gotten up and walked off. it was the most wonderful of ways to end the semester. 

i finally figured out that the reason that i can't see comments on any blogs has something to do with the internet here (???) so i'll be in touch next week once i'm home, i promise! 

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