an irish goodbye

december 11//umass amherst//canon 5d

i don't like goodbyes. i slip out of work shifts, classrooms, and parties with a quick wave or a see ya later, if anything-sometimes, i just leave, give them the old "irish goodbye.". there are exceptions to this of course-with close friends, i am always sure to seek them out for a final lunch or quick hug in the hall-but i am almost never emotional about it. my friends are scattered-most in boston, others in rhode island, indiana, arizona, and germany-and i understand that for every goodbye, there will be an even better hello down the line.

the last few days at school, i rushed around in a haze of important essays and big tests, various exchange forms (so.many.forms.) clogging my free hours and making my head spin. i was leaving late thursday afternoon-somewhere around wednesday night, i realized i wasn't going to have the time to say goodbye to a lot of people. and as much as that appeals to me, there was also a side of me that didn't like it. after all, this isn't a couple of weeks-it's nine months. there's a big difference. to slip out for nine months sounded ghost-like, the confirmation of a lot of worries about my shadow in amherst.

that thursday, i spent the afternoon running errands in the absolute most perfect weather-fat flakes falling from the sky + coating the trees, yet melting when they hit the pavement-it wasn't too cold, either. i brought my camera with me, too, because hello, it was too beautiful an opportunity to pass up.

and do you know what? the universe has a funny way of working things out. because i happened to stumble upon so many of my friends who were walking to class, catching a bus, studying in the library....all the important people popped up at the last second. and it was the most beautiful little thing that i will be forever grateful for.

so goodbye umass, goodbye amherst, goodbye western massachusetts. i will see you bright + golden next september.

(and now, onto the next adventure.)

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