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oct. 31-nov.11//amherst, boston ma, bridgewater ma//canon 5d

home is a funny thing. when i was younger, in high school even, i think i got wrapped up in the concept of only having one home. wherever you lived, or came from-that was your home. you chose one, and that was it.

the last couple of years though, have kind of changed that. i've moved from my small town to boston for a year, back to my small town for six months, and out to western mass for a couple of semesters. Three places in three years-three different sets of sidewalks and faces, four different rooms, wildly different ways of life-art school in the city, early bedtimes and a life as a working girl, and life among the trees. but they are all home, places that i that i know like the back of the hand, beds (couches sometimes) and people and landscapes and sounds and memories. and it's a really amazing, you know?

here is a photo dump of some of the moments from all three homes over the last couple of weeks-walks up in the meadows in amherst, studio visits and sleeping on a couch in boston, snuggling with my dog and reveling in the comfortable familiarity of home. all i'm going to say is, i'm a very lucky person. very very lucky and very very blessed. 

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