i'm moving to germany! {for 5 months, anyways}

august 2012//rauenberg, germany//canon 20d

now that everything's started to fall into place, i figured it was time to stop being so vague and mysterious here-come january, i'll be packing up and moving to germany to study at the university of mannheim! studying abroad has been something that i've dreamed of doing since i was 11 or 12, and i can't believe it's actually happening-i'm still in this weird twilight zone where i keep telling people, and i'm excited, but it doesn't really feel like it's happening. 

i chose germany, and the university of mannheim for a million reasons, which i think i'm going to outline in another post, but essentially, it is a beautiful, affordable place-oh, and one of my best friends lives 30 minutes away in a tiny little town surrounded by vineyards. i don't speak very much german, so this is going to be an adventure for sure-but i'm confident that everything is going to be wonderful. 

this semester has been absolutely insane, as i've been preparing to go abroad by taking 20 credits and working two jobs-i'm just exhausted all the time, going going going until i fall into bed, neglecting this space and atlas addict and, occasionally, my homework. but like i've alluded to before, it is all going to be worth it, when i'm jetting off to weekend destinations, guidebook and camera in hand. and i'm so excited to expand both atlas addict and little blue backpack while i'm abroad-i finally have the chance to make this into a true travel blog! 

so, now i need your help; where should i go in europe next semester? i need suggestions....

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