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november 8//boston, ma//canon 5d

On a chilly Friday night, I stepped into the studio to watch my friend hone her craft. She moved with a swiftness and dexterity around the hot-shop, despite holding a giant rod with a sphere of molten glass at the end. Travelling in a routine pattern-over to the furnace, where she dipped the glass into the fire, back to the table where she blew into the rod, causing the glass to expand-she created cacophony of bangs and patters with a bevy of different tools, none of whose use i'm entirely familiar with. 

3D work has always fascinated me, simply because I don't have much experience with it-not the way my mind is wired. But to watch a small, dense bulb of fire transform into a delicate, paper-thin transluscent vase-essentially, to watch nothing become something-is so intrinsically beautiful. I loved watching Nicole and her classmates orbit around eachother in perfect harmony, and seeing the equal parts joy and concentration that flickered across her face-oh man, I loved capturing that. Such a pleasure, ms. Nicole. 

***before i go, just a quick note-for some reason, not only can i not see or comment on the comments y'all are leaving me-i can't see anyone's comments. i don't really know what's going on, but i have been reading all of your sweet comments and wonderful posts! (seriously, there's been some awesome reads recently)***

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