such great heights

october 23//umass amherst//canon 5d

i'll be completely frank-umass is definitely not the most beautiful of campuses. it's a state school that has grown steadily in the last 150 years or so, especially in the sixties + seventies-hence the heavy emphasis on concrete + brutalist architecture. but it does have something that the beautiful brick-and victorian-campuses {smith and amherst, looking atchu} don't have, and that's the tallest library in the united states {and the second tallest in the world!}. it's completely random, but hey! c'est la vie.

the best views are from the 23rd floor, which is usually frequented by prospective high school students and their parents, madly instagramming the view//annoying the used-to-it students. i hardly go all the way up there, simply because i've got a preference for the 9th and 11th floors {art + literature floors, respectively}, but i made the journey a few days ago and-

i love tall buildings, feeling like i'm on top of the world {blame my 20th floor dorm room freshman year for spoiling me}, and i can honestly say that these views can't really be beat. autumn here is so incredibly beautiful, and viewing it from high in the sky is even better. i stayed a little longer than i anticipated, marveling at the colors and the mountains, watching the tiny little people go about their daily lives, feeling very small.

{oh, and if you look in the left hand corner of the top picture-the dorm to the right of the one with the white spire? that's where i live! just in case you were wondering...}

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