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october 3//vanessa + her studio//boston, ma//canon 5d

i have a lot of favorite people, a lot of favorite places. that being said, vanessa is one of my favorites. we didn't really become very good friends until the end of my freshman year, but we stayed in touch. she's an incredibly talented artist-i doubt there's anything she can't do, from ceramics to photography. 

when i visited boston two weeks ago (already that long ago?) i stopped by her studio in an attempts to convince her to abandon her work for burgers. instead, i found myself amazed by her little space-the body of work, the materials strewn around, the personal touches that made it hers. seeing her work was an incredible process; delicate movements, intricate patterns carved into clay with-well, with an artist's hand. 

i've decided to take on photographing artists in their studio as a personal project of sorts-partially because it would be an excellent thing to add to my portfolio, but mainly because i'm completely enamoured by it. personal spaces, be it bedrooms or apartments, have always been vastly interesting to me-they're a window to the soul, someone's personal space. at the same time, i'm lucky to be surrounded by artists in my life-my mother, my roommates, and the rest of my friends from art school-all of whom specialize in vastly different fields. i can't let that opportunity pass me by, can i?

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