october 3//boston, ma//canon 5d

i came home this weekend, and it was crazy busy, but so wonderful to be back with all of the important people in my life. i spent the first afternoon in the city, spending time with my friends from massart. it's funny, when i was there i don't think i realized how important they were to me, but now i miss them so much. they're a lovely crew of ladies who are doing very, very cool things, from jewelry making to illustration to fashion design, and i love to see their work-i go all proud mama bear, tell all my non-art-school friends how awesome they are and all of the things that they're doing. over burgers and fries, we dreamed up a post-college life in the city together, and i was sold, imagining a sun drenched bedroom and the sounds of cars outside of my window, friday night parties and pictures, pictures, pictures {of course}. 

i've found myself caught in a sort of crossroads recently, where dreams and reality-not the bleak kind, more of a nostalgic type-are intersecting. on one hand, i've always planned of a life lived around the world, moving as soon as i get settled, a whirlwind romance with european streets and open fields, an intimate relationship with train stations and airport terminals. but there's something, here, in boston, where family and friends intersect. it's a beautiful thing. and i know, i know, i'm only 20 years old. i've got another year and a half before i even graduate university {sighs dramatically}, but it's something that nags a little in the back of my head. food for thought. 

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