the last week

i wonder sometimes if it's all a dream sometimes, this little corner of the world. meadows and blue mountains, smallish towns with bustling downtowns and abandoned homes beckoning-i find myself stopping in my tracks often, and smiling, face up to the sun. i keep stumbling upon quiet places, tucked away from view, and i go back again, and again-sometimes with my camera, sometimes for a run, and sometimes with my sketchbook and something to read.

my heart swells whenever i step into my photojournalism class-it's where i feel at home, and listening to my professor reminds me of my grandfather sometimes. i'm learning so much german it hurts my brain, and i've displayed a knack for writing news leads {who knew?}. in the afternoons, i ride my bike around campus, feeling the wind in my hair. there's a sense of stability here that i haven't felt in almost three years-i know what i'm studying, where i'm going to school, how i'm going to pay for it. it's wonderful, to have a little bit of routine. i'm busy, but i love it-keeps me productive.

there has been so many adventures, little flickers of memories-some captured above, others only a memory. foggy walks to a friend's dorm-the night i found myself on a rooftop at smith college-snatched moments of affection, meditation time in the local greenhouse, and a town block party with pizza and donuts that would make your taste buds cry {mine are, thinking about it.}

everything isn't always coming up roses, and i'm sometimes in a really weird place where i'm really frustrated about my photography and the lack of growth i feel right now. but that's small stuff, compared to the good-and there's some really, really cool things hovering on the horizon. i sometimes wonder when it all got so wonderful, but i really, i just hope it never ends.

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