sept. 5//northampton, mass//canon 20d

i think that if i ever had to live anywhere in western massachusetts {besides umass, of course}, i'd live in northampton {noho, for short} it's one of the most liberal, hip, artsy fartsy sort of towns in new england, and is chock full of some pretty cool places to shop, visit, + eat. it's also home to smith college, one of the top women's colleges in the u.s.

i took the bus to northampton by myself on friday afternoon, watching the green fields and vacant homes of western massachusetts fly by. i spent some time at the smith museum of art, which is one of my favorite places in the valley-it's got an amazing collection. seeing works painted by the same artists that i used to gaze at in the museums in boston makes me feel at home, like i'm with friends-i could stare at them for hours, examine the brushstrokes of cezanne and hassam. afterwards, i took my time to wander around the main streets, taking care to note some of the cafes and restaurants that i want to try {a.k.a all of them}, and just soaking in the atmosphere. one of the things that i love about noho is that, like the city, the streets are alive. there are people everywhere, shopping in local businesses, sitting outside on benches, stopping to chat with neighbors-something that doesn't really exist in my suburban town. it makes me a little sad, to see the world slowly turning away from that friendlier pace of life, but i'm very glad that it still exists in some places. 

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