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I found this huge plot of land on the northern side of campus on Saturday, and the next day I biked out there to take some pictures. It's such a peaceful little place-the skies above were blue, and there were mountains in the distance, and it was so quiet and still-one of those really magical places, you know? The kind that fills you all the way up, somewhere that you return from with windswept hair, pink cheeks and sparkling eyes.

 My mother painted sunflowers climbing up the walls of my first bedroom, and since then, I've had an affinity for them-especially the huge ones, the bigger-than-a-dinner-platter variety. They seem like a symbol of hope to me-their faces wide and open, their petals a rich yellow. Wandering between the rows, it feels like you're in a tunnel, patches of sky peeking through. It's a beautiful, beautiful place, and I can't wait to return again soon.

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