the last week

i wonder sometimes if it's all a dream sometimes, this little corner of the world. meadows and blue mountains, smallish towns with bustling downtowns and abandoned homes beckoning-i find myself stopping in my tracks often, and smiling, face up to the sun. i keep stumbling upon quiet places, tucked away from view, and i go back again, and again-sometimes with my camera, sometimes for a run, and sometimes with my sketchbook and something to read.

my heart swells whenever i step into my photojournalism class-it's where i feel at home, and listening to my professor reminds me of my grandfather sometimes. i'm learning so much german it hurts my brain, and i've displayed a knack for writing news leads {who knew?}. in the afternoons, i ride my bike around campus, feeling the wind in my hair. there's a sense of stability here that i haven't felt in almost three years-i know what i'm studying, where i'm going to school, how i'm going to pay for it. it's wonderful, to have a little bit of routine. i'm busy, but i love it-keeps me productive.

there has been so many adventures, little flickers of memories-some captured above, others only a memory. foggy walks to a friend's dorm-the night i found myself on a rooftop at smith college-snatched moments of affection, meditation time in the local greenhouse, and a town block party with pizza and donuts that would make your taste buds cry {mine are, thinking about it.}

everything isn't always coming up roses, and i'm sometimes in a really weird place where i'm really frustrated about my photography and the lack of growth i feel right now. but that's small stuff, compared to the good-and there's some really, really cool things hovering on the horizon. i sometimes wonder when it all got so wonderful, but i really, i just hope it never ends.

lately | sunflowers

I found this huge plot of land on the northern side of campus on Saturday, and the next day I biked out there to take some pictures. It's such a peaceful little place-the skies above were blue, and there were mountains in the distance, and it was so quiet and still-one of those really magical places, you know? The kind that fills you all the way up, somewhere that you return from with windswept hair, pink cheeks and sparkling eyes.

 My mother painted sunflowers climbing up the walls of my first bedroom, and since then, I've had an affinity for them-especially the huge ones, the bigger-than-a-dinner-platter variety. They seem like a symbol of hope to me-their faces wide and open, their petals a rich yellow. Wandering between the rows, it feels like you're in a tunnel, patches of sky peeking through. It's a beautiful, beautiful place, and I can't wait to return again soon.


sept. 5//northampton, mass//canon 20d

i think that if i ever had to live anywhere in western massachusetts {besides umass, of course}, i'd live in northampton {noho, for short} it's one of the most liberal, hip, artsy fartsy sort of towns in new england, and is chock full of some pretty cool places to shop, visit, + eat. it's also home to smith college, one of the top women's colleges in the u.s.

i took the bus to northampton by myself on friday afternoon, watching the green fields and vacant homes of western massachusetts fly by. i spent some time at the smith museum of art, which is one of my favorite places in the valley-it's got an amazing collection. seeing works painted by the same artists that i used to gaze at in the museums in boston makes me feel at home, like i'm with friends-i could stare at them for hours, examine the brushstrokes of cezanne and hassam. afterwards, i took my time to wander around the main streets, taking care to note some of the cafes and restaurants that i want to try {a.k.a all of them}, and just soaking in the atmosphere. one of the things that i love about noho is that, like the city, the streets are alive. there are people everywhere, shopping in local businesses, sitting outside on benches, stopping to chat with neighbors-something that doesn't really exist in my suburban town. it makes me a little sad, to see the world slowly turning away from that friendlier pace of life, but i'm very glad that it still exists in some places. 

lately | amherst

all moved back in to my home in the woods! classes are good, work starts tomorrow, and there are great things for this semester hovering on the horizon. 

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