lately | we bought a boat

i've been spending a lot of time recently indulging in my newest obsession-sailing! my dad's been dreaming of owning a sailboat since he was a kid and he finally took the plunge this summer, and bought a 25 foot catalina sailboat. it's a beautiful, beautiful creature and my siblings and i have taken to scrambling up and around the decks, securing lines and lifting sails like naturals. to be out on the bay, with salty air whipping your hair and the soft rocking of the boat underneath you? there's no feeling quite like it. i don't have a lot of pictures {although i wish i did} because i'm too scared to bring my camera out while we're mid sail, but i did manage to grab a few last week while we were docked at the marina. fingers crossed that i get some more soon!

have you ever sailed before?

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