double exposures | saltwater + sand

nikon action touch//expired film, double exposed//june +july 2014//various MA + RI places

i'm still amazed to how well this roll turned out-combining double exposures, expired film and an automatic camera is usually a recipe for disaster {or at least a blank roll}, but i was quite happy with the results. the underlayer {is that the right term?} is of our trip to block island, but the second layer is from some various adventures-a beach trip or two, exploring with kathleen, and sailing. 

i really love this set of double exposures in particular because it connects things and memories in a way that seems....almost tactile. to have a picture of sailing, overlaid with the pattern of the waves in an ocean, gives that particular memory depth that almost feels like you can touch it, like it's 3D. to have portraits of people filled with saltwater and blue skies makes sense, because that's what this summer is made of, what we're made of. it's almost as if your memories are tilting and shifting inside, running into each other, clear enough to distinguish but also convoluted. it's beautiful, really. 

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