adventures | boston

a couple of miscallenous photographs from yesterday, when i took my younger brother and our new exchange student, emma into the city for some errands and sightseeing-it's always interesting to see boston through the eyes of a stranger. we visited the boston public library, trinity church, the fens, a delicious cafe for crepes and the public gardens-it was very hot and sticky, so the camera, for the most part, never left the bag. 

summer is almost over, and while i am very happy to be going back to amherst, i'm a little sad to be losing the long days of sailing and adventures in fields and parks. these last few days have been full of as many little adventures as possible, and i'm excited for a couple more-think sailing, drive in movies, and a photoshoot- before i pack it all up and go back to the mountains. 

double exposures | saltwater + sand

nikon action touch//expired film, double exposed//june +july 2014//various MA + RI places

i'm still amazed to how well this roll turned out-combining double exposures, expired film and an automatic camera is usually a recipe for disaster {or at least a blank roll}, but i was quite happy with the results. the underlayer {is that the right term?} is of our trip to block island, but the second layer is from some various adventures-a beach trip or two, exploring with kathleen, and sailing. 

i really love this set of double exposures in particular because it connects things and memories in a way that seems....almost tactile. to have a picture of sailing, overlaid with the pattern of the waves in an ocean, gives that particular memory depth that almost feels like you can touch it, like it's 3D. to have portraits of people filled with saltwater and blue skies makes sense, because that's what this summer is made of, what we're made of. it's almost as if your memories are tilting and shifting inside, running into each other, clear enough to distinguish but also convoluted. it's beautiful, really. 

people | deanna

a little about deanna; she's the silly one, the girl who canoed around the swampy pond in my front yard in high school, catching frogs and letting them hop around the boat. she's the cameron to my ferris, refers to her unruly hair as mufasa, has perfected the "flossing da brain" dance move, and is pretty much an italian speaking goddess. she's also going to be a vet someday, and has this huge capacity for love, towards both humans + animals, that is just astounding.

i love these pictures because they exude deanna; the skipping, hair flipping, the laughter, the joy. we weren't planning a photoshoot, but she had her hair cut earlier that day and i had my camera, so we stopped by some conservation land and frolicked, complaining that we couldn't dance around the fields of wildflowers, because hello, new england is the land of ticks and ain't nobody got time for lyme disease. there was a storm brewing somewhere nearby, and we listened to the thunder roll and felt the wind pick up, clouds hovering ominously. it was just us, and i initially had wished that i could have planned it a little more, made it more of something else, but it wasn't. it was a spur of the moment, beautiful, spontaneous sort of stop and it was perfect, just like that.

lately | we bought a boat

i've been spending a lot of time recently indulging in my newest obsession-sailing! my dad's been dreaming of owning a sailboat since he was a kid and he finally took the plunge this summer, and bought a 25 foot catalina sailboat. it's a beautiful, beautiful creature and my siblings and i have taken to scrambling up and around the decks, securing lines and lifting sails like naturals. to be out on the bay, with salty air whipping your hair and the soft rocking of the boat underneath you? there's no feeling quite like it. i don't have a lot of pictures {although i wish i did} because i'm too scared to bring my camera out while we're mid sail, but i did manage to grab a few last week while we were docked at the marina. fingers crossed that i get some more soon!

have you ever sailed before?

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