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it's easy to forget that we don't see the whole picture on the internet sometimes. whether it's tumblr, or Facebook, blogs or instagrams, everyone always looks so cool, don't they? we carefully curate our lives to appear how we wish them to be. for some people, it's all about looking popular, draping themselves over friends, drinks in hand-for others {myself included, ahem} it's about all the adventures and explorations, all the cool things they're doing. it's not uncommon for me to open my instagram and see three of the same instagram pictures all in the row, as they all hang out. and it's just, i don't know. yet what can i say? i'm guilty of the same thing. if i'm doing something interesting, you best bet i'll be posting some pictures, appropriately colored with a vsco filter because i'm kind of a hipster. we present ourselves to the public as a certain kind of package or person, pretending that everything is great, that we are popular and happy, while we simultaneously wish for a life similar to someone else on our feed who just seems to have it all together. 

I'm not saying that we need to stop posting, or blogging {cause i love instagram and i'm not going anywhere}. people have been lusting for other people's lives for as long as there's been neighbors who seem to have it all together. but i do think that we need to remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, and that we aren't always as cool as we look. I think for a while i was dissatisfied with my life because i wanted to live this cool, hipster life with hipster friends that was something like this video or ms. olivia bee's photographs  because it seems fun, and dangerous, and stuff. But I've never had hipster friends {and i'm using that term loosely, because i could write a whole diatribe on the meaning of hipster, but in keeping this post short i'm going to use it.} , and while I used to ache for a cooler life, I'd like to say that i'm pretty content with my life right now. Sure, my friends may not have their septum pierced, and they pretty much all {with the exception of my art school friends from last year} study science-y things and don't always get how I see the world, but I love them with all of my heart, you know? And I'm not sure if my life appears "cool" or not on the outside {because, I assure you, I don't really live a cool life}, but it's mine. it's not always pretty, or exciting, but it's mine. and i love it. and so i'm striving this summer to stop comparing my life to the "cooler" ones that i see on the web, and instead to take a step back and to curate my existence by partaking in the things that i want to do. i want to admire, not to compare. who's with me?

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