sketchbook ii

If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I keep a sketchbook as a sort of diary//journal thingy, a place to draw, write and paste things for posterity. I probably fill up six or so a year {i'm a fan of the smaller moleskines, so it doesn't take long to run out of pages}, some mostly writing, others mostly drawing....I haven't shared one in a while because, on an aesthetic level, they weren't that nice-and on a deeper level, they were very personal and raw, mostly full of writing.

I got this one on my 20th birthday-it's the first "grid" style one that i've used, and i really like it because it makes drawing//typography work//writing easy to do in the same place, especially since I have trouble drawing straight lines. {and i was going to study design?} Flipping through the pages, I did a lot of song lyrics and self portraits this time around, but it's mostly pen work with little color, which means that I was probably doing 95% of the drawings in class. {oops.}

I don't have a sketchbook right now, as I'm super picky about what kind I like {moleskine and fabriano, all the way} which is a strange thing, and I don't know how I feel about it. I'll have to pick up one soon...

oh, and before i go-I'm revamping the site a bit {because i haven't done that enough recently} so excuse the appearance, and i lost all of my disqus comments, so i wasn't able to answer all of the wonderful, wonderful comments that were left on my last post-thank you to all! your kind words warmed my heart. 

do you have a sketchbook or journal? what do you put in it?

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