Block Island pt. 3//old harbor

I wasn't as excited for the downtown {a.k.a Old Harbor} as I was for the rest of the island, mainly because I'd been there a couple times already//it's the busiest part of the island//i'm forever broke. 
However, it's quaint, shingled Victorian buildings, as well as its proximity to where we were staying, soon won me over. In addition to an assortment of mid priced boutiques, inns, and restaurants, there's a tiny little movie theater, bike rentals, and all around charm, making it perfect for a short visit when hiking, biking, and exploring got to be too much. And of course, in my opinion, the most important thing to mention; ice cream. {A very important PSA; skip the Ben + Jerrys on the main street for the Ice Cream Place-just as good, very cute, and waaay cheaper. }

in case you missed it....

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