my new desk

When I was younger, my parents bought me a desk at a yard sale-we're talking the old, wooden school house kind from when they were younger, not the grey metal ones with the smooth tops that I grew up with. That being said, while I thought it was the coolest thing in the universe, I never used it to study, instead choosing to throw everything that didn't have a home on it-we're talking broken crayons, dirty laundry, overdue library books......homework was done at the kitchen table, so I never really needed the space. Eventually, I outgrew the child size, and that was the end of that.

Two dorm rooms later, I've found that I do, in fact, really like the concept of a desk. When not covered in random belongings, it makes for a very productive work space-sitting there, I feel motivated to cross things off my to-do list, stay focused and get stuff done. Once I got home this summer, I wheedled and convinced my parents to move my grandmother's desk up into my room, where I've created my own workspace to tackle photography and Atlas Addict projects. I've found that the bulletin board is helpful in keeping track of lists and goals, while the maps hanging above keep me motivated to work hard, so I can travel the world. And the best part? Late at night, the Christmas lights hanging above bathe the space in a soft, warm light, making it for a peaceful place to dream a little.........

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