ADVENTURES//Abandoned building, Amherst




may 3//abandoned home, amherst, ma//canon 5d 50mm

Growing up, almost all of our family trips included a pit stop to an abandoned structure, so my mom could take pictures. At the time, I was never allowed inside-however, now that I've grown older and venture out to places without my parents, I've become a little braver, and have a habit of climbing inside broken windows and tiptoeing through silent hallways. My favorite abandoned buildings so far? A farmhouse in Tuscany, mental institution close to home, and a train in New Hampshire.

I've been dying to check out this building, which is right off campus, for a couple of weeks now, and so recently, my friend E and I took a very spontaneous trip inside. What I found surprised me-I'm not sure if it was originally a house, for administration, or some sort of academic building-but it was full of interesting bits and bobs, old sneakers and magazines and computers scattered about. I was also really surprised by the amount of natural light streaming in, which I've found fairly rare in abandoned structures, but made it easy to photograph. 

have you explored any abandoned buildings?

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