lately//where have i been?

while I know I post {fairly} often, I haven't been meeting my goal of posting every day, and I've been terrible at answering emails, comments, etc. etc. So, in case you were wondering, here's what i've been up to; 

+I've been shooting for my school's newspaper, the Daily Collegian, which has been a great learning experience and forces me to take my camera out and about more often. Here's a picture I snapped on my way to an event. 

+With one week until spring break {the countdown has begun}, professors have been laying on the papers and exams, so there's been a lot of afternoons spent writing, studying, and pulling my hair out. 

+ I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon tromping around the streets of Amherst, celebrating St. Patrick's Day a lil' early at what is now infamously known as Blarney Blowout-thankfully, I retired to my room before the arrests started. 

I might not have been posting a lot, but I do have some exciting new projects planned to implement over spring break-stay tuned! What's going on in your life? Lemme know in the comments!

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