Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Liz//East Cambridge, Ma//March 21, 2014//Canon 5D

At this point in time, most of my friends-especially my college friends from Boston-have accepted my camera as an extension of self, and good naturedly tolerate its presence. These shots, for instance, occured when my former roommate//partner in crime Liz stopped to pull something out of her shoe; which I then decided, was the perfect time for a mini photoshoot. While these pictures aren't the best photographs I've ever taken technically speaking, there's something to be said about the rich texture-and that grin!

Boston Public Library

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Stepping into the Boston Public Library is like stepping into another world, across the Atlantic Ocean; it simply does not feel American at all. Part of this is the architecture-look at those columns, arches, and the coffered ceiling-but a lot of it has to do with the gorgeous frescoes done by my main man, master expat//painter John Singer Sargent.

While modern architecture does have its beauty, I long for the days when buildings were as ornamental as this. To think of all the work that went into each detail, of all the money that was poured in for the marble, sculptures, and murals; it blows my mind, especially as it is a public space for all to enjoy, even over a hundred years later.

Boston//part one

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

downtown Boston//March 19//Canon 5D

A couple of shots from the first day I spent in Boston-I had a couple of hours to kill before catching the T to visit a friend at Boston College so I hung around the Downtown area-the yellowish grass and bare trees were beautiful to photograph! I also visited the pond in the Boston Public Gardens, which had been drained-a far cry from the last time I saw it, but weirdly enough, still beautiful. 

46 hours in Boston

March 20-22//Boston, MA//Canon 5D

While most of my spring break was very uneventful, I did get the chance to go up and spend a few days up in Boston, visiting friends at my old school. I took a slew of pictures, which I'll be putting up here very soon{ish} in several different posts, but for now, here's a little bit of a preview//some of the shots that don't quite fit into a specific category-enjoy! 

ps. per usual, i shall be answering comments, emails, dm's, etc. once i buckle down and do some homework  very soon. 

Boston//the esplanade


  Gush about New York, dream about Los Angeles-but lemme tell you, there's no greater American city than Boston. Maybe it's the historical brownstones, or the streets teeming with college kids-maybe it's the 21 diverse little neighborhoods and the intense pride that comes from being a Bostonian//Red Sox fan. I've never lived anywhere besides Massachusetts, so I guess I'm simultaneously biased and naive in my assumptions, but there's something special about this town, and I think others can agree. 

  If you come to Boston {and you definitely should!}, I strongly recommend a trip to the Charles River Esplanade, a.k.a my favorite place on Earth. It's this long, narrow park that sits on the bank of-yes, you've guessed it-the Charles River, and it's easily one of the most beautiful parts of Boston. Despite it's proximity to the center of the city and the major landmarks, it stays pretty quiet, so it's the perfect place to bicycle, run picnic, or just relax on one of the docks that juts out into the river. {There's also a really cool playground that definitely was designed with college students, not children, in mind. Best enjoyed late at night}. So many of my memories from last spring revolve around this special little place-sitting on the dock in the rain, after celebrating the bomber's capture at the Commons; spontaneous Friday night picnics, complete with tree climbing; and one trip that may or may not have included a dip in the lagoon. {note; not a great idea, but a great story} It's a place full of adventure and beauty-and I hope, someday, that you can experience it as well!

lately//where have i been?

while I know I post {fairly} often, I haven't been meeting my goal of posting every day, and I've been terrible at answering emails, comments, etc. etc. So, in case you were wondering, here's what i've been up to; 

+I've been shooting for my school's newspaper, the Daily Collegian, which has been a great learning experience and forces me to take my camera out and about more often. Here's a picture I snapped on my way to an event. 

+With one week until spring break {the countdown has begun}, professors have been laying on the papers and exams, so there's been a lot of afternoons spent writing, studying, and pulling my hair out. 

+ I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon tromping around the streets of Amherst, celebrating St. Patrick's Day a lil' early at what is now infamously known as Blarney Blowout-thankfully, I retired to my room before the arrests started. 

I might not have been posting a lot, but I do have some exciting new projects planned to implement over spring break-stay tuned! What's going on in your life? Lemme know in the comments!

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